Health Walks

Health Walks

Walking in the natural environment is one of the simplest and quickest ways to give your mind and body a boost.

Walking is the easiest form of outdoor exercise supporting the widest age and ability range.  It suits those who want to become gradually fitter, stronger and are recovering from illness or treatment. It’s particularly suitable for those at risk of heart conditions or diabetes or risk of bone disease and falls.

It can help relieve some health symptoms, assist recovery and prevent illnesses from developing.  Regular physical activity also has a potential role in reducing the risk of cancer recurrence and in increasing survival. Walking at any pace will help manage weight, and building up to brisk walking improves heart, lung and circulation performance, can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of strokes, and heart disease.


Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is a full-body exercise that’s easy on the joints and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It’s a great way to:

  • meet new people
  • improve fitness
  • lose weight
  • tone the whole body

Nature Awareness Walks

Nature Awareness Walks have been found to be a powerful de-stressor giving over-stimulated minds a chance to rest. Evidence shows mental health improvements by walking and meeting others and focusing on present, surroundings on the immediate natural life, reduces stress and anxiety.

Those whose mood is affected by the seasons and shorter days will learn to welcome winter and value daylight hours. Walks enhance physical ability as each week they progress a little further than the previous.


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