St. Michael’s in the city: Bertha

In the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool, great progress has been made at St. Michael in the City’s community garden. This group is led by our partners at Faiths4Change, and is proudly funded by The National Lottery.

St. Michael’s is another great example of how beneficial our programme can be to so many individuals; not to mention how beneficial you all are to our Nature4Health Programme!

Bertha has attended St. Michael’s garden since June, so is fairly new to the group. Despite this, Bertha has always lived in the area, and once worked as a Sunday school teacher at St. Michael’s church.

Now retired, Bertha decided to find a new hobby to fill her time and meet new people. Her previous career as a mental health support worker showed Bertha how spending time in green space can vastly improve your wellbeing.

“I saw the benefits it had on others when I used to take my group to a community garden in Walton. I thought it would help me too.”

Bertha couldn’t believe the paradise that was on her doorstep.

“It’s the best thing I’ve done! It gets me up and out of the house, and I’m genuinely excited to learn new things and see my friends each week here at the garden. We always have a good laugh.”

Like many of our participants, Bertha has seen great improvements in multiple areas of her life after joining the group. After all, it’s never too late to meet new people, learn fresh skills and improve your health!

If, like Bertha, you’d like to take on a new hobby and live in either Merseyside or North Cheshire, please contact Clare Olver via for more details on our various volunteer groups. There’s something for everyone!

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