St. Margaret’s Community Garden – A Ray of Hope.

Over the last year or so, there has been extraordinary progress from one of our Nature4Health projects!

The Hope Community Garden located at St. Margaret’s Church on Princes Boulevard has dramatically come to life with the dedication and hard graft from the numerous volunteers.

The rejuvenation of this space is inspiring to say the least, and the rate of improvement is remarkable despite the many setbacks created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the ease of previous lockdowns, many volunteers used the Friday Gardening4All sessions to gain back a bit of normality.

The garden has given this group a safe place to meet others and take on a new challenge when needed most. With this, many participants have seen a great boost in both their mental and physical well-being from attending these sessions. Now we see how truly fitting the chosen name of this garden is, as it has given many members hope this last year.

The weekly sessions ran by Nina and Jen are every Friday still between 9:30 am and 2:30 pm. Drop-ins are more than welcome, and the team is open to new members if you are interested and fancy a challenge! No experience is required, and all ages are encouraged.

Please email or check out the Hope Community Garden’s Facebook page following this link – Hope Community Garden | Facebook for more information!

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