Guest Blog – Rhianna: An Introduction.

Being from a small steel town in the northeast, I have grown up surrounded by valleys and rural landscapes. My parents and both sets of grandparents have always been fond of gardening and the outdoors, so I guess my appreciation for nature sparked from them.

I love both nature and the built environment equally; I believe neither should be a detriment to the development or conservation of the other.

The first time I visited Liverpool I immediately felt at home. I loved the people and the city’s architecture, as well as the many famous inner-city parks. It is for these reasons why I chose to study urban planning and design at The University of Liverpool.

Having just finished my third year, I set out to gain some work experience in an area that interested me. With a passion and admiration for green infrastructure, sustainability, and regeneration, I am fortunate enough to help The Mersey Forest and Partners with their Nature4Health projects.

Over the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of visiting three of the Liverpool-based Nature4Health groups: La Salle Kitchen Garden, St. Michael’s in-the-city, and St. Margaret’s Hope Community Garden.

These projects have taught me a great deal about the good effects nature has on us all, regardless of our backgrounds. I therefore wish to share with you more about these exciting projects based on my visits, so make sure to look out for future blogs!

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