Everyone’s a Winner!

Following a prize draw to celebrate the end of ‘Nature4 Health’ two lucky winners have received ‘Go Outdoors’ vouchers, enabling them to purchase equipment designed to help them continue to enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors and mindful contact with nature that they gained from their involvement with the project.

Sue (below centre) took part in our Health Walks at Taylor Park in St Helen’s last year. Sue and her husband Ken were dedicated members of the group, walking in all weathers. They enjoyed the contact with other, like-minded people who were focused on a goal of walking as part of a weight loss programme. But the overall benefits of being outdoors in the beautiful surroundings of the park meant they felt a connection with each other and with nature. The group enjoyed seeing the changes in the landscape and wildlife as the seasons passed. ‘I will really miss the group’, said Sue. ‘There were some days when I really didn’t want to go, but I knew my friends would be there and so it motivated me to go and join in. I didn’t get out of the house much before that group; I needed that ‘push’ to get me out, and I then I loved it!’

If you live in the Mersey Forest area and feel inspired to get out and explore  click here for some more ideas. 


Sue (centre) with husband Ken and Suzanne Londra from The Mersey Forest.
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