Mindful Contact with Nature

Our Mindful Contact with Nature sessions are proving very popular and there’s been some great feedback. Not only from participants but also from those closest to them. We’ve loved hearing the stories and here’s one of our favourites:

“The lady I spoke to told me her husband thought she was less agitated. When they were out walking together she didn’t feel the need to chatter constantly, and they both learned to enjoy the moment, and have ten minutes of mindful concentration on their surroundings. And she was sleeping better. She still wakes in the night but stays calm and goes back to sleep. I know her and she did seem much calmer” (Louise)

From those who took part, they also had some great feedback:

“My experience during the course was really positive. It helped me deal with a difficult relationship breakdown” (Sara)

“Everyone who suffers from anxiety associated problems should attend ongoing mindfulness programmes” (Rosemary)

“By week 5 everything was beginning to seem greener and finding bluebells in the most unexpected places was uplifting. I was re-discovering my affinity with nature” (Deidre)

If you want to take part then the current sessions are running at Neston on Thursday afternoons or email Suzanne.Londra@merseyforest.org.uk to find out more.



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