Story Explorers at Calderstones Park


Calderstones Park, Liverpool, has been home to our Nature4Health project ‘Story Explorers’ over the last 12 weeks. In an exciting twist on health walks, our story explorers have come along once a week to take part in a Sunday morning adventure, through the trees and green spaces of the park. Created by The Reader Organisation, Storybarn is an interactive story-centre for young people to explore, share and discover their love of books. Explorers were given the opportunity to discover the great outdoors, learning about animal habitats, questioning how trees and plants grow and how the park changes with the seasons, all whilst keeping a healthy pace along the route. By getting children out of the house and engaging them with the natural world, the Story Explorers programme is proven to have had a direct positive impact on the children’s mental wellbeing, another success for Nature4Health!

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